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La importancia de leer “De los diversos instrumentos inventados por el hombre, el más asombroso es el libro; todos los demás son extensiones de su cuerpo… Sólo el libro es una extensión de la imaginación y la memoria”. Jorge Luis … Sigue leyendo

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writing – Hamlet

Dear Agony Aunt, I’m writing this letter to ask you for an advice. Now, before telling you my doubt and ask you what to do I’ll have to tell you what happened. This is very important and serious so please … Sigue leyendo

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History Essay

In our history class we wrote an essay in pairs. I worked with Matias Giambruni ‘The Nazi-Soviet Pact was the main cause for the outbreak of WW2’ Discuss. In the following essay we are going to analyse if the Nazi-Soviet … Sigue leyendo

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Short term causes to World War 2

This are the presentations my partners and I did on the short term causes to World War 2. We were divided into groups ans asigned different causes to analyze. each grup made a presentation and then presented to the rest … Sigue leyendo

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