Virtual period: Napoleon

In history, we have been working on France and Napoleon. As a virtual period task we were asked to make a life summary of Napoleon’s life.

  • Borned in Corsica, 1769.
  • At the age 9 his parents sent him to military school.
  • At 16, he graduated and became an altillery leutenant.
  • He studied strategy, lerned public speaking and joined the winning side of French Revolution.
  • He was promoted to captain then commander then general… until at the age of 26, he commanded the entire French army.
  • Napoleon fought wars in Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Egypt and Syria.
  • Then he came back to France, engineered a Coup D’etat, and he was in charge at the age of 30.

Important things

  • Brought an end to France’s post revolution chaos.
  • Re-built Paris to a beautiful city.
  • Founded the french banking system.
  • Created a fair modern legal code that’s still in place today.
  • Crowned himself Emperor.
  • Appointed his baby son “king of Rome”.
  • Put other relatives in charge of other countries.
  • When his army started loosing and his enemies closed in, the french got fed up and handed him to the English, exiliated to St. Helena.
  • He lived there under guard for 7 years and died at age of 51.

SMALL man… who left a HUGE legacy, and changed Europe forever.

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