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TASK: In it, you have to do some research on the development of the railway network in Argentina (as influenced by the English) in the 1800. Provide also a map of the network at the time. (You can/should establish a comparison with the network nowadays and/or with the network in England in the 1800).


The building of a new Argentina in the second half of the nineteenth century is invariably connected with the laying of the railway lines through the country, most of them by British engineering. After the fall of Rosas in 1852, liberal economic policies were introduced by men who had been forced to flee the country during the dictatorship and, in exile, had been in contact with European ideas and customs.

At hand in every event was a Briton. Britons placed more long-term investment in South America during the nineteenth century than in any other geographic region. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay received the lion’s share.’ Britain’s interest in Spanish America had always been strong. After Lord Ponsonby’s intervention in the creation of the state of Uruguay in 1826, his successors, Henry Fox, John Mandeville, William Gore Ouseley, Thomas Hood,. Lord Howden and Henry Southern, all secured advances in Britain’s relations with Buenos Aires. Treaties for communications, transport and navigation were signed in the 1850s, paving the way for a mass of investment that began with the railways.

Borges station today in the northern suburb of Olivos. Little Sussex on the pampas..... Click for a larger (colour) image.

Borges station today in Olivos, Buenos Aires

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